Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 Year In Review

2018 was a great follow up to 2017 fishing wise and 2017 was a year the likes of which  I do not think I could ever duplicate. 
On the year I fished 52 days landing 749 fish for an average of 14.4 fish per trip. 14.4 fish per trip is down rom 16.7 in 2017. 
  My minutes per fish median for 2018 was 16.15 minutes per fish catch. I fished approximately 201.6 total hours in 2018. That figure does not include drive or prep time only time on the water. That is the equivalent of fishing 8.4 days around the clock. In other words I fish 2.3% of 2018. 
In regards to bass fishing my best five fish average on the year was 64.5” making my average keep length throughout the year 12.9”.  Remarkably last years average best five fish limit throughout the year was nearly the exact same at 64.47” with an average keeper size of 12.89”. A net increase of 0.01” on the average keep length compared to 2017. 
  As far as tournaments this year I was able to pull off two wins;one SCKBA and one WVKA event. I finished the year off with a head to head live tournament record 1230 wins and 105 losses. I finished the year with an overall 91.4% win percentage and an in state win % of 92.1%which down from an in  state win % of 96.1in 2017. 
I finished 3rd in Angler of the Year Standings in the WVKA missing 2nd by one point out of 776 points and missing 1st by 11 points. I literally had a fish break me off at the Jackson County Shootout that had I landed I believe would have given me enough points with defend my 2017 WVKA AOY title. But that is fishing and Joe Farley earned his way by me to take the top honors. I did capture the SCKBA AOY title for 2018. 
I plan to fish WVKA and SCKBA again in 2019. I am very excited about utilizing the Anglr software for my data tracking for the entire 2019 campaign. I expect to see a much deeper data dive this time next year and hope to be able to use that data to make some changes for the better.