Friday, March 23, 2012

A Baker"s Dozen - March 23rd, 2012

Greg and I hit Bluestone today from 7:30am to 1:30pm. It was a near record high 80 degree day. We fished in shorts and T-shirts, which is strange for March in WV. We struggled to really hammer fish. I ended up with 7 and Greg caught 5. Each of us caught a nicer quality fish, but the rest were smallish. We did get into one spot were the spring spinner bait bite was really on. We spotted several fish up really shallow. The water temps ranged from 59 to 61 degrees. Despite not catching a ton of fish it was a great day on the water and the weather was fantastic. I did manage to pull off the Bluestone Cycle, catching a spot, smallie and LMB. Most fish came off of spinner bait, 2 on a shakey head worm, and 2 more off a crank bait.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Adventures on Moncove Lake - March 19th, 2011

Brad and I took the day to go check out Moncove Lake. I haven't been over there since I was in highschool. When we got to the launch ramp the lightning and thunder started. We ran into Robert Layne on his way back after the dock. Only two boats on the lake and both of them from Hinton. Once the rain started I we started back out. I picked up a couple of fish off the fluke shallow and another on a LC Pointer. Robert fishing ahead of us hooked and lost a really nice one on a spinnerbait. The weather cleared off and we tried fishing deeper with a drop shot and picked up a couple perch and a bluegill. Nice day especially for March but fishing was tough. Seems like some fish are deep, some are shallow, but they arn't concentrated in any one area yet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grind Them Out - March 14th, 2011

Can't figure out what the fish want? Having problems getting them to chase or hit. Then get a finesse worm and start grinding out fish. That's exactly what today was. A near record 75 degree morning with the lake still at winter pool. I fished from 8am till noon. The water was stained and their were a lot of other anglers on the water, most were crappie fishing though. I caught 5 fish total. All but one on a Zoom Mag Shakey worm. The other came from LC pointer. The were all keepers but none bigger than a about 1.5lbs.

Friday, March 9, 2012

One Good Spot - March 9, 2012

Greg and I fished Bluestone from 8am till 2pm with very little luck. The water was between 43 and 49 degrees. It started out with clouds and then the wind picked up a lot and pushed in the dreaded blue bird skies. At one point the wind got so tough on the New River side that we had to retreat to the shelter of the main lake in front of the dam. We threw LC Pointers most all day. Greg did try a jig and a shakey head a time or two with no luck. I had only one hit all day and I missed it.Greg caught a really nice Kentucky spot, off a LC AYU shad Pointer, it weighted in at 2.4lbs.  Then later in front of the dam Greg hooked musky that broke him off and took his pointer into the deep. From what we could tell it was a really nice musky. Musky robbing jerk baits is often typical for March fishing on Bluestone.
2.4 Lbs. Spotted Bass