Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Bluegills - May 28th, 2012

Brad, Brian, and I did an early morning raid on the bluegills of Bluestone Lake. We fished from 6:30 to 10am then got the heck out of dodge before all the Memorial Day boat traffic flooded in. We used garden wigglers, Berkley Power Maggots, and Brad used a fly pole some as well. I ended up with 37 gills and a couple of small spots and a redeye. Brad got 70 gills and a couple spots. Brad did hook about a 2 pound bass on a flypole but after a struggle it broke him off. By the time we left the swimmers, skiers, and other fishing boats were really getting up there in numbers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Morning Fog - May 27, 2012

This being a very warm weather Memorial Day weekend the rivers around Hinton have been loaded with people. On this Sunday morning Brad and I waded down the backside of the arm crazy early. We started at 6am and we were off the water before th fog got started off at 8am. We used spinners and white gitzit g-tails. We ened up with 20 smallies each in our short but very productive 2 hours. All of them were smaller fish between 6 and 14 inches but they sure are fun to catch. The best part is we got our fish and got out of dodge before the holiday weekend river crowd got outta hand.

Monday, May 21, 2012

High Water Float Trip - May 19, 2012

Brad, Greg and I floated from the Dam to the Highschool this morning. They were running 6 gates. The water was high and stained. Fishing was tough. Greg caught 12, Brad 13, and I got 17. The biggest being under or around 2lbs. Had we not stopped on an island or two our trip would have only taken 45 minutes in those high flow rates. CW Cabins shoals were serious buisness today, but we made it throught no prob. It was a perfect weather day for fishing. That afternoon Brad and I ran up Lake and Amy's pond before dark. I caught 10 and Brad caught 3 ten to twelve inch LMB's. I caught mine on a fluke and Brad's came off a G-tail. They didn't seem to want senko or a spinner for some reason.

Slow Day on Bluestone Lake - May 18th, 2012

Greg and I fished Bluestone from 7am to 1pm with little success. I caught 2 keeper LMB's and Greg caught 2 keeper LMB's and a bluegill. The water was falling and stainded. The fished just didn't want to cooperate at all. We fished the pit, Bull Falls, the slide, and below Bertha. It was high skies and tough fishing. My Olympus camera is being sent off for repairs so the next couple post are gonna be lacking in the pic department.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finesse Largemouths - May 15th, 2012

With the river up, muddy, and unfishable Greg and I took our yaks and headed for smaller stiller waters. The technique of the day was finesse tubes, shakey heads, and even small jigs. The fish would not chase but would hit small stationary baits. Almost all of our fish came while the lure was on the inital drop. In 5 hours of fishing I caught 16 and Greg caught 12. In those 28 we each had a 5 and a half pounder along with a couple 3's, and 4 or so 2's. We put together a five fish limit close to 20lbs. A little overcast and water stain help aid our efforts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hard Rain - May 14th, 2012

Greg and I floated from the Dam to the High School in the pouring rain. They were running about 4 gates and with all the feeder creeks dumping muddy water it only took from 9am till 12pm. The fishing wasn't as good as I would have thought today. I caught 12 and Greg caught 19. We had four fish or so over a pound. Greg lost a 4lbs+ fish below the Hinton Bridge. I don't know if the colder nights are taking their toll or what, but today was a step back for the spring river bite.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Rivers One Float Trip - May 10th,2012

Greg in his new Ocean Prowler Yak

Greenbrier Smallie

New River Smallie

Island Hopping with the Coosa
Greg and I floated from in front of my house on the Greenbrier down to where the Greenbrier and the New merge then on down to the first ranger station take out. We started at 9:30am and were down by 1pm. The bite on the Greenbrier was noticeably slower and the water was a little colder than in the New. As usual G-tails and tubes were the order the day. By 11am the wind blew hard enough that you couldn't float fish a tube effectively so G-tails become the ticket.  Today it seemed the smoke with chartreuse out fished white, maybe due to the stained water. We hit our best fishing below the Hinton bridge. It had the most ravenous bite and the biggest fish. Greg caught 27 and I landed 23 on our float. We caught a lot of 2lbs+ fish on the New River side. All of our fish were smallies, no redyes, LMB's or spots this time. Things on the river are heating up and pending weather in another week the fishing should be some of the best of the spring.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Will Power Walleyes - May 7th, 2012

Our crew got to the dock to meet Captain Steve at 6am only to retreat to a little greasy spoon for fishermen and wait out the lightning storm that was passing by. The storm finally left at around 8:30am but it left a lot of heavy rain and wind behind it for us to fish in, how thoughtful. It was noticeably colder, windier, and rougher than the day before. But the fish were biting and they were good quality fish. We fished heavy jigs pounding walleye spawning beds and managed to get 12 fish in the box that weighed a combined 38lbs. on this half day of fishing. Between the cold Canadian air, the driving rain, the waves, and the wind you had to really endure to outlast these fish to catch em. Once the wind pushed out the morning storm and the waves died down and the bite totally died. We called it quits around 1:30 so we could head back to WV. We caught a lot of  drum again today and by we I mean Chad. We also caught seveal white perch. This offshore walleye trip on Erie was a great time despite rough conditions and I will definitely be back. The size of this lake and the quality of this fishery are unimaginable until you've seen it for yourself, and after you see it you'll want to see it again. Thanks to Captain Steve of Fishy Business Charters for a great couple days. If he can put on you fish in these conditions I shutter to think what he could do with some descent weather and cooperative fish.

What wonderful weather for a little Drum fishing.

White Perch

Sharp Teeth of the Wall Eyed Pike

Chad with a Nice Walleye

The Drum King

Lake Erie Walleyes - May 6th, 2012

 Grandpa Craigo, Arnie, Chad, Jack, Pete and myself headed to Lake Erie for a couple days of walleye fishing. We fished with the trusted Captain Steve Connors owner of Fishy Business Charters out of Oregon Ohio. Arnie, Chad, Pete and Grandpa have used Captain Steve's charters many times before.Captain Steve was excellent. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to book a charter on Erie for Walleye, Smallmouth, or Perch. I had a blast on my first trip to one of the Great Lakes. It's totally weird to me to be fishing for freshwater game fish in 3 to 5 foot waves on open water when all you can see is water and sky.  On a down note the weather was unforgiving with rain and driving wind for our 2 days on the lake, but Captain Steve still put us on some really good fish during our time there. Jack, who is only 10 years old, caught his first ever walleye. Way to go Jack. Besides walleye we also caught a lot of drum (especially long lining Chad), white perch, regular perch and even a few white bass and a hybrid or two. We left the dock at 6am and came back in around 3pm. We kept 30 walleyes that weighed 93lbs when we dropped them off to be processed.  The biggest fish of the day came from Pete and weighted around 6lbs. We used heavy hair jigs tipped with a night crawler and a trailing stringer hook. John Deere Greene, Purple and Chartreuse seemed to be the best colors.

Daybreak on Erie

Captain Steve's Island Hopper

Pete with the 1st Eye of the trip

Ground Pounding Jigs

Jack's 1st Walleye!

Grandpa and Jack on Erie

Fish in the Net


The Lonely Perch. Later won in the Perch Lottery by Chad.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Smallmouth - May 1st, 2012

Brad and I fished the Stone for a couple three hours this afternoon. The wind was tough when we started then it settled out. Brad hooked and lost a nice LMB on a spinnerbait. We took to bluegill fishing when it seemed the bass bite was going to be tough. After we started bluegill fishing we started catching some bass, including this 2.7lbs. smallie that Brad captured in the above photo. The bluegills were up shallow and very active.  We ended up catchig about 40 blugills and a handfull of other bass.                                                                                                             

April Spots - April 30th, 2012

I fished Bluestone from 9am to 1pm today. The water had been up and had a lot of trash in it so I didn't run far. I caught 14, mostly on cranks. I did catch a couple on a spinnerbait and a couple on flukes. I caught 1 perch, 1 LMB, and the rest were sptted bass. The water was heavy stain and 62 degrees with bright sun. The fish all seemed to be willing to chase, which makes for some fun fishing.