Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Starting to Chase - April 21st, 2014

I walked below the house to the Greenbrier river and fished a spinner for about 30 minutes. I had 4 hits catching a smallmouth and a redeye while missing one more hit and having another come unbottoned. This was the first time all year I can remeber smaller fish up shallow chasing lures. Up to this point it has been all tubes and jigs fished slow on the bottom, playing the waiting game.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hard Luck or None at All Stretch - April 9th - 21st

On three short fishing trips and and one all day outting I managed to catch just one small large mouth bass. I went flipping tubes on the Greenbrier one afternoon for a couple hours with no bites and only 3 lost jigs to show for my troubles. Next I fished Mountain Valley Lake 2 afternoons with Greg and Todd for 2+ hours each outting with only one missed bite to my name, although Greg and Todd caught some fish that day on black and blue jigs, but I was slow to change colors and get in on that run. Next Greg and I fished Dan Hale for 7 hours last Saturday and I caught my one lonley LMB on a crank bait and missed 2 more bites. Greg missed 2 bites and hooked and lost a 3 pound or so trout. It has been just a brutal unproductive stretch for me as of late. I am hoping that is about to change and the days keep getting longer, the water warmer and the fish keep moving shallower.  Like the quote says,"sooner or later my luck WILL CHANGE"!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Pond Fishing with Family - April 13th, 2014

Avery, Annalyn, Aleshia and I fished a farm pond for bass and bluegills on a windy Sunday afternoon. Despite the slow bite the girls each caught a bass and a bluegill. It was  pretty, warm, and windy Sunday afternoon. It is really nice to be back home and together again. Last month my youngest daughter Annalyn was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was hospitalized for 23 days at WVU Children's Hospital for the Induction phase of treatment. We just got her back home on Friday April 12th. So even though we didn't catch any huge fish or great numbers today was special.