Sunday, January 13, 2008


-Cranberry River

John, Brad, and I headed to the Cranberry River 2 days after the first 2008 trout stocking. The weather was mid 40's with some wind & sun. We parked at the top and hiked 30 minutes or 2+ miles down the fisherman's trail to the river, which was a little low and gin Clear. We fished for 3 hours with only Brad getting one bite and nobody catching any fish. We saw some gold trout but they wouldn't cooperate at all. We regrouped, ate lunch, and decided to hike out and try fishing Summit lake at the top of the mountain which had been stocked only yesterday. It took 45 minutes of not stop hiking to get back to the top. Once we had got there the wind had picked up quite a bit. We headed over to Summit Lake and found only 2 other fisherman on the ~20 acre lake. We started fishing and about 15 minutes or so later we found a good sized pod of trout in little cove. There were 20 or so fish hanging in shallow water out of the wind and not moving around much. We were all using spinners. In about 20 minutes I caught 2 (1 rainbow + 1 brook) and John caught 7 all rainbows or brooks. Brad then caught a couple of rainbows before the trout started to get an idea that something was up. John kept a few to eat and we threw the rest back and we headed back home counting ourselves lucky that we didn't get skunked on the first trip of the year.

Hours Fished= 4 Fish Caught = 2