Friday, June 4, 2010

Avery & Annalyn's Bluegill Adventure - June 1st

I loaded the whole family up and headed to Bluestone to do a little blugill fishing. Avery caught 12 fish, 1 bass and the rest bluegills. The fishing was slow but what we were catching we descent size and good fighters. Aleshia held Annalyn while Avery and I fished. We fished about 2 and a half hours before heading home. I went down the pit bank with a crankbait with no takers before heading home.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finesse Jigs or Bust - May 27th

Dad & I fished the Osborne hole on the Greenbrier from 7 till 11. Fishing was slow. The water was ideal a little up, stained, with no other fishermen around. I caught 15 and Dad caught 1, but to be fair he only fished 20 minutes or so he spent all his time driving the boat. I caught a couple early on a micro buzz but the bulk of my fish came off of a jig-n-pig pitched close to cover. I tried everything to get those fish to chase but it just wouldn't happen for me. I tried flukes, cranks, g-tails, spooks, in-line  and regular spinners and still nothing. It wasn't until I started flippin the jig did I start getting bit regularly.