Sunday, July 29, 2018

Nine Wide Grind- July 28th, 2018

Nine WVKA brotheren linked up at daybreak to float from Upper Shanklins to the Mouth of Indian Creek. Bryan Bostic, Timmy Lewis, Brandon Wamsley, Riley Freeman, Saige Cline, Greg Nahodil, LJ Ashcroft, Jared Meadows and myself. We ran into some tough conditions. I think thd big fish for the trip was only 14.5” landed by Timmy Lewis. I cannot explain why it fished so tough but it did. 
Miles Floated = 8.5
Total Fish Caught = 12
Biggest Fish = 11.75”
Best Five Fish = 52.75”
Minutes per Fish = 30

Sunday, July 22, 2018

WVKA Elk River - June 21st, 2018


After a 485 mile trip from Pauleys Island SC to Sutton WV Harper and I did a little prefishing. We waded around below the dam. Harper caught a 17.75” and a 20” walleye in tr short time we were there. After registering for the WVKA Open we headed 50 minutes up river to our put in and slept in our trucks. The next morning was great. The rain held off and we were in such a remote area we saw no other anglers. We were catching fish left and right in push water on flukes. But finding size was hard. I think I caught 42, but the biggest was only 15”. We headed to weigh in and enjoyed seeing some old friends and eating good barbecue provided by the City of Sutton. 
The Elk is an beautiful and amazing fishery. I cannot wait to get back there. 
Miles floated = 3.5
Total Fish Caught = 42
Biggest Five Fish = 66.75”
Biggest Fish = 15”
Minutes per fish = 8.57
Tournament Finish = 5th out of 81
Team Tournament = 2nd out of 24 teams
*Eric Cormack was my partner for the day. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Mathew’s New Kayak- July 12th, 2018

I took Matthew out for a couple hours on the New River in his brand new Moken Lite Kayak. After going over some paddling basics we started fishing. I set him up with a Ned rig and he did well quickly catching four bass to officially get his Kayak slimed and catch his first river smallmouth out of a Kayak. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wind in the Middle- June 11th, 2018

Stan and I floated Brooks to Sandstone from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The road construction was a hastle and the wind howled on the flat water in the middle but we still managed a descent day. Stan learned how to work a fluke and even got on a hot streak with it.
Miles floated - 3.5
Fish Caught - 19
Biggest Fish - 16.75”
Best Five Fish - 65.5”
Minutes per fish - 9.47

Saturday, July 7, 2018

SCKBA Barbie Pole Cancer Benefit- July 7th, 2018

Today was an interesting one. SCKBA had our first ever Barbie Pole Fundraiser Tournament for Angie Cox. We had a cookout and a casting contest before the tournament. All poles had to be no more than 2’6” and could have no more than 2 line guides. The reel retrieve speed is what made this tough, instead of 6:1 this reels are like 1:1. It takes forever to reel a lure much less a fish in. Harper, Jarod, Steve and his sons all fished Brooks to Sandstone together. We had a good time. I figured out I could cast a fluke and still catch fish but the metal sheer pin inside these reels means you have to hand line anything bigger than 10” in. Somehow this day Brad Richardson still managed to land 70+” on the Greenbrier no less. 
Miles Floated = 3.5
Fish Caught = 19
Biggest Fish = 12.5”
Best 5 Fish = 58.75”
Minutes per Fish = 15.7”

No Rhythm - June 30th, 2018

Some days you have “it” and some you just don’t. Today I could not find the groove and get anything going. It was crazy hot even at daybreak. I struggled around and caught a small limit in the 50’s by doing a single access trip with Greg and Jarod. I felt tired and frustrated the entire morning. 

Late Start- June 29th, 2018

I joined Jared already in progress and we floated from Advance to first takeout. He lost a nice fish on a plopped below DQ. I managed a few on a fluke but noting huge. I had a limit but nothing to right home about. 
Miles Floated = 2
Biggest Fish = 14.5
Best Five Fish = 62.5”
Minutes per fish = 8.25”