Monday, October 13, 2008


Brad and I tried fishing the lake at Bull Falls for about 2 & 1/2 hours on a warm Sunday evening. We threw cranks, spinners and flukes with little to no luck. I caught one smallmouth about 12 inches and Brad caught 2 redeyes and a bluegill. We tried cranking the pits as well but had no luck. It was a really tough day. There were a suprising number of boats on the lake for this late in October. I guess it was a pretty Sunday evening. I saw no deer and no squirrels.


Dad and I headed to Little Creek Hunt Club for the opening day of squirrel season. We got there at daylight. It was a warm morning and there was a stiff breeze. They had select cut the corner of the barn field where I have had such good luck over the last 10 years. I saw around 12 squirrels and killed 6 by 10:00am. I saw 12 squirrels, 7 deer one of which was a 4 point buck. I shot at crow at ~ 70 yards, feathers came out by he still flew off. Despite the wind it was a nice morning. It was really dry, Anthony's creek was all but dry and Little Creek was completely dry. Moving on squirrels was tough they were skittish due the wind, the leaves were thick, and it was dry and hard to move quietly. Dad hunted the lower wood lot and saw 2 squirrels but didn't get any shots, his knee was bothering him and his mobility was cut down considerably.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Brad and I headed back up to Bull Falls to see if we could locate the couple of big bass I had seen the day before. It was cool and pooring th rain off and on, but still a very fishable day. I caught one small fish off the pit bank before we started our run. We fished flukes hard for 2 hours and I caught one smallmouth on offshore structure and Brad missed one before we decided to run. We then fished for about 90 minutes up in the Bluestone River both at the head waters and around the pier. I caught one nice smallie about 15inches and we had no other hits. I don't really understand it the water was a little low and maybe too clear in places but the cool weather and rain were perfect for a big bite, but it just didn't happen for us.


Greg and I headed up to Bull Falls on a very overcast and cool day. The water and weather looked perfect for a big fish day. Greg caught a couple small ones off the pit bank before we ran up to Bull falls campground. Right off the bat I missed 2 nice fish both of which inhaled my fluke, but still didn't get hooked. Right below the big rocks across from Bull falls I had a huge(5lbs +) small mouth come up and make a fast pass at my fluke and miss, I mean right at the boat. We fished all the way up to Buffalo hollow and then down and around steer island, which I didn't even know was possible until today. Greg caught a couple of bass off of creature baits with would have kept in a tournament. I finally caught one small mouth and 2 redyes on a fluke, and a bluegill on a small Joe fly elite spinner. While we were on the backside of Steer Island we saw a huge large mouth. The biggest I have ever seen in the lake. This fish look 22 inches or better. On the whole given the ideal conditions our production was disappointing.