Sunday, March 30, 2008

MARCH 29th PM 2008

Brad & I tried fishing for smallies in both the New & Greenbrier Rivers. We started at Sandstone I-64 Bridge and worked our way up to the house selectively fishing certain holes. We tried jig-n-pigs, tubes, g-tails, jig head worms, and slow rolling spinners. Brad caught one smallie about 10 inches and I didn't even get a bite. The air temp. had gotten up to the upper 50's but the water temp was still in the upper 40's.

MARCH 29th AM 2008

Brad & I hiked down Canyon Rim Trail with the hopes that WVU had stocked some Brook trout. When we got there it was very cold and they hadn't stocked any new trout. To make matters worse we found a lot of evidence of other fishermen and people who where keeping and skinning fish right on the banks. We fished from 9am until about 12:30. Brad caught 1 nice trout and a fall fish. I had one bite and lost one.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

MARCH 25th 2008

I headed up to Bluestone Lake by myself on windy, sunny day to check out the boat and try a little early bass fishing. The boat ran fine after being stored all winter, but I didn't catch any fish or get any bites. I fished for ~ 2 hours before heading home. The air temp. was around 50 and th water temp. was beteween 45 and 49 degrees. The wind made fishing a real pain. I tried throwing some texas rig lizards, shakey head worms, and even a lipless crankbait. The new baitcasters I had bought over the winter performed well. Greg went the next day when the weather was a little warmer and he had no luck either.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trout Trip Highlights 2007

Monday, March 3, 2008

MARCH 2ND 2008

Brad & I headed down the Canyon Rim Trail on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We didn't start fishing until after church around 2:30pm. It was the first day in the 60 degree mark I can remember in a while. The water was up about 2 and a half feet higher than the last time. We fished all the way up and down the 2 mile section. We caught only 4 total fish. Brad caught 2 and I caught 2. We fished till about 5:30. Going in there I figured we were gonna wear the fish out but it didn't pan out. I think the muddy water hurt us a little bit. I would have figured the stained water and the bright sun would have helped us, but that didn't seem to be the case. Seemed like the fish had a lot of places to hide. The 2 fish I caught each has beautiful hook jaws, and they were worth the hike.
We fished 6 combined hours and caught 4 fish.
I fished 3 hours and caught 2 fish.