Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wind Doesn't Like Kayaks - August 27th, 2011

Brad and myself load up to kayaks in the dark with the hopes of capitalizing on yesterdays recent smallie success. We fished white G-tails again, fished from the point to below CW Cabins, and caught many fish again although no huge ones this time. At around 10 am the wind started blowing so hard that despite floating down stream the wind would carry you back upstream unless you were active on the paddle. That wind made it impossible of fish at all. The wind also pushed out our cloud cover and put a slow down on the bite. We still ended up landing 62 fish, 58 smallies and 4 redeyes. We hooked and lost a couple dozen more.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day to Remember on the New - August 26th, 2011

  There's a football in the air, school buses on the road,  the nights are cool, water temps are falling, and small mouth bass on the New are biting as well as they are going to for the rest of the whole year.  Using only white Gitzit G-tails Greg and I floated from the Point to Brooks falls from 6:30 to 11:30am. On my second cast I caught a 4 lbs monster. Greg and I  went on to land 59 and 54 bass respectively. And these weren't little fellows. The average fish was about 11 inches. Of the 113 bass we caught I would say 100 were over 8 inches. They were healthy, heavy, hit hard and fought hard. A 100 bass half day with 2 people is good anywhere but it is special on the New in your back yard. Greg floated in his pontoon and I floated in a borrowed kayak despite the fact that I have one on order. The water was low and we caught very few if any bass in water that wasn't moving. Moving water and ledges on the edges of grass were a sure bet today. Of the 113 fish we caught all were smallies except one and it was a redeye that Greg caught.  On a side note Greg fished for 3 hours yesterday on the New  catching 41 yesterday, making his 24 hour bass total a smashing 100 bass! Smallie fishing in May doesn't get  any better than this.
It's hard to beat G-tails for Active Smallies

New River Goodness Early in the Morn!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Flypoles and Foambugs - August 9th, 2011

  Nathan and I took across the lake in the middle of a monsoon at daybreak to do some bluegill fishing. We had to switch my boat trailer to Nathan's truck so we could launch the boat due to an extremely flat tire that I acquired somewhere on the 6 mile trip from my house to the launch ramp. Nathan had a new fly pole and the first fish he caught with it was a really nice largemouth about 15 inches or so. It was a great first catch for a new pole.  We went on to catch ~ 75 fish or so. We hit one pocket of fish below four mile church hollow that was loaded with bigger bluegills. We caught at least a dozen really big bull gills in about 15 minutes before the spot finally slowed down. That little hotspot made for some fast and fun fishing.   We quit around 11:30 and headed back to work on the Avalanche's tire situation. We worked for an hour trying to get the spare down, but it was impossible. The spare tire had one solid peice of rust connecting it to the frame. Finally we inflated the tire with a compressor and I limped on it back into town for repair.

Nathan's first fish on his new fly pole

My pitiful tire!

Bluegillin" with the Leslie Boys - July 29th, 2011

     Hunter, Dylan, Derrick and myself headed out around 6am for a morning of bluegill fishing on Bluestone Lake. We caught fish with nightcrawlers, gulp maggots, and with foam bugs on the flypole. Both Hunter and Dylan did really well fishing. They both caught their first fish on a flypole after a little practice. We fished down near the dam and below bertha before quiting around 11am. The total fish count was around 75 or so. We had only one bass captured and it was the first fish caught by Hunter on a Yo Zuri Pinns minnow. We had good weather even though it was hot and everybody had a good time.