Sunday, October 14, 2018

Stonewalled WVKA 2018 Finale - October 13th, 2018

Going into the final WVKA event of the year I had a marginal points lead in the AOY race but I had to do well to upgrade my points total. You get to drop your lowest finish and for me that was a 12th place at Jackson County. We had falling water and a 25 degree drop in temps and some wind. I knew I had to do well to upgrade my status. I fished deep and slow all day getting only 4 bites. I did loos a 18+” inch fish that could have moved me up from 22nd to 12. But even that would not have helped all that much. I gave it my best but at the end of the day lost my streak of always catching a limit that dates back to June of 2016, probably 30 tournaments in all. On a brighter note Harper and I fished together and some how managed to win 1st place in the two man team event with only 66.5”. There is a record that may stand the test of time...lowest inches total to ever win a WVKA 2 man teams event. Interestingly Joe Farley won this event on top water in fishing stained yo shallow water even in the face of a cold front. He said he only got 6 bites but it was enough to win by a 22” margin of victory and win the tournament and most likely Angler of the Year. 
Total Fish Caught = 2
Biggest Fish = 13.5”
Best Five = 22.5” 
Order of finish 22nd out of 43
Minutes per Fish = 240*

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Quick Minute at Moncove with the Girls - October 8th, 2018

Really as an excuse to go eat lunch at Cheese and More the girls and I enjoyed the scenic drive over to Monroe county on our way to Moncove lake. We fished and paddled about for around two hours. We caught a couple fish and ended up seeing a couple big grass carp. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

October Almosts - October 6th, 2018

Jared and I floated 6.5 miles from Glynn LYNN to State Line Falls. We started  off at daylight and finished up abound 12:30pm. The water was about 18” too high to be able to fish those middle river ledges that were so productive for big fish last month. I caught my biggest Fish of the day on a whopper plopper. I lost two 18 plus inch fish on a magnum fluke. By 10:30pm the sky got high and bright and it was Ned or nothing. Even then the Ned was only productive for 11” fish. Still a beautiful float despite it being unseasonably hot like mid 80’s for middle of October. 

Miles Floated = 6.5
Total Fish = 17
Biggest Fish = 15.75”
Best Five Fish = 68.5”
Minutes per fish = 16.1