Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tough Sledding - Febuary 3rd

On a day with falling air & water temps, heavy cloud cover, and quickly rising water levels from yesterdays snowfall we found trout fishing as well as get in & out tough. Real tough. We caught 8 total fish all except one on spinners, I caught one on a pink 1/8th oz. jig I jokingly called "pink sexy". Of the 25 times I have made this trip this was the toughest climb out. When the USGS above the 60% catching fish in water this cold is going to be tough. It was nice to get out and have a day out and about. Of the 4 fish I caught one was really nice ~22 inches and about 4.5lbs. He gave a really great fight down in some swift deep shoals. We have had bad snow for the last 6 weeks and we've got more snow coming in this weekend. It's been a long tough winter for trying to fish and days like to day are few and far between.