Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Morning Score- August 27th, 2016

Brad, Nahodil, and I floated from 7am to 10am before the white hot sun ran us off the river on this fine morning. We didn't find amazing numbers in our short 2.75 mile float but we did catch some good size. I landed one 20.75 inches and 4.7lbs early in the day on topwater, then later a 15.5 inch and a 14.5 for a solid 50.75 inch three fish limit. We saw an eagle nest on the backside of a river island. Today will be my last chance to fish before the KBF WV OPEN qualifier. We had a good early morning under the fog but after that it got real hot real quick.
Miles Floated = 2.75
Total fish Caught 36
Minutes per Fish = 12.5
Biggest three fish limit = 50.75 inches

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Morning on the River- August 26th, 2016

Bryan, Jared, Greg Davis, and I floated the New on this Friday morning. Early the fog was heavy and dense  but by 10am it had burned off to bright sun and high skies. The fish bite was good but a little different that it had been in previous weeks. The water was 2+ feet down from the previous Monday's float and it seemed the fish wanted a more finesse offering on this day. We as a group caught fish a number of ways from topwater to jigs on the bottom and all points in between. It was a fun trip. We say some deer and a bald eagle on our float.
Total Fish Caught = 64
Mile floated = 6
Minutes per fish= 18.74
My biggest 3 fish limit in inches = 44.75

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Downpour - August 20th, 2017

Greg Davis, Brad, and myself floated this Saturday evening from the dam to the first takeout. It was overcast when we started and about an hour in it came a really heavy downpour. After the rain slow and then stopped the bite took off a little bit. We all caught good numbers and everybody had a fish over 16 inches. I caught one 16.75 and lost another that would have been in the 16 to 17 inch range. All and all minus getting soaked on the one day I leave my Gore-Tex at home it was a good evening.
Miles Floated = 3.5
Total fish caught =45
Minutes per fish = 10.0
My biggest 3 fish = 43.0 inches

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Birthday Float - August 15th,2016

I floated the New by myself on a rare Monday off that also happened to be my birthday. I relied on my good buddy Joe to pick me up at the bottom of my float. The day started off slow but took off around 8:30am, but then slowed back down around 11am when the bright hot sun burned off the dense cool fog. I landed 22 fish today but had five fish > 14". I lost another one that was in the 16 to 18inch class. The days was a good one. I saw an osprey with a fish, deer and some big fox squirrels.
Miles Floated = 6
Total fish Caught = 22
Minutes per fish = 16.3
Biggest 3 fish in "= 45.5

Sunday, August 14, 2016

SCKBA Greenbrier River Challenge- August 13th, 2016

We had our second SCKBA tournament today on a very hot day on the Greenbrier River. We had 22 participants for this event, including our first to female anglers. The hot weather along with low gin clear water made finding big fish tough on this day. However catching small fish especially on topwater was easy. Our 22 anglers recorded 486 fish caught with only 26 of them > 12 inches. Brain Aliff was our winner today with 43" three fish limit. I finished 5th with 37.25". Despite the hot weather everybody had a good time today. I am already looking forward our next event on the upper New River in September. We as an organization have more than doubled in just one month and two events. This bunch is fun to fish with and I hope we have this club to compete in on Summers County waters for a long time to come. On a side note I saw something today I have not seen in 30 years of living on the Greenbrier river. Below Pence Springs bridge I saw a school of over 80 large catfish. Some blue cats but mostly channel cats swimming in a school. I suspect there were residents of the Pence Springs Catfish Hole pay lake that were displaced by the flood in June. Strange time for certain.
My stats for the day
Miles floated = 5.5
Fish total = 27
Minutes per fish = 15.5
Biggest three fish in inches = 37.25

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rainbow Ends in Hinton - August 6th, 2016

As good as last Saturday was this one made for some slow fishing. It was truly and off day for the New river.  The water was much higher than it had been and we got rained on a lot. We floated Bluestone dam to first takeout down southside. It was Randy, Greg, Nahodil, Brian Aliff, and myself. I managed only 9 fish with the biggest being only about 11 inches. I lost a nicer fish in 15 to 16 inch range off of a KVD square bill. I never could hone in on what he fish wanted. I caught some on a whopper plopper, some on a fluke, some on square bill, and some on a g-tail. No one lure was really working great.
Total Number of fish caught = 62 minutes/fish
Minutes per fish = 12.5minutes/fish
Miles floated = 3.5
My biggest three = 31 inches
Number of rainbows seen = 2

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Day on the River with my Girls - July 31st 2016

Today was Annalyn's first every time in a kayak and Avery's first ever time in a yak by herself. We floated from Barger Springs to Willowwood on a nice hot Sunday afternoon. We didn't even fish this time out just took a trip down the river. Avery did great, Annalyn had fun, and nobody got flipped out. You gotta learn to kayak before you can fish out of one.