Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Day That Wasn't - June 16th

     After feeding my inner golf bug for a month I decided to hit the lake for a day and see if any bass could be captured. Greg and I were on the lake at 5:30am and fished hard until 11:30am with little to no success. We tried everything. We moved the boat several times. Strange thing was that it was a near perfect day for bass  fishing. Water was up with a little stain, overcast, cool but not cold, very little fishing pressure, yet still no quality fish to be had. Bluestone lake is just a "tough" place to fish in the summer sometimes. I did manage to hook one really nice fish, a smallmouth about 2 and a half or 3 pounds on a white fluke but he got off right at the boat. I personally blame the net man, but don't tell him that! We ended with about 8 total fish and only one keeper. Just a tough day of bass fishing that reaffirms my love of golf and bluegill fishing during the hot summer months. Despite not catching many fish we still had a comfortable day to fish and a good time trying.