Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Long Day in Wait - November 26th

Dad, Roger, and I hunted from daylight to dark. We had fog, wind, sun, rain, and everything but snow. No bucks were seen. We did see several does, but none where taken.

Meat for the Winter - November 25th

Dad and I head out on Wednesday the first week of WV rifle season. We watched some fields until about 9am when 5 does walked through at 150 yards. I shot the lead doe and she went down almost immediatley. I had hit her throught top of the heart. The other 4 milled around her body for almost an hour. We left by 11am.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Whole Trout Season in a Day - November 22nd

Some days you go fishing and it just doesn't happen. You don't find fish, they don't hit, it doesn't work. Put a few of these slow days together and you've got a mini slump. But if you keep fishing the law of averages eventually comes around and then you have a day like Brad and I had today. We caught a whole trout season full of trout in one 3 hour fishing outing. The numbers are ridiculous, so much so that we may never be able to get those kinds of results in that small amount of time again with any species of fish. We left directly after church on Sunday and started fishing at 1:30 and left at exactly 4:30. In those ~3 hours I caught 53 trout and Brad caught 50 all of which were 12 inches or better. We caught 103 total fish of which 8 were 3 lbs. or better. The biggest being Brad's 4.5 lbs. monster. All the fish we caught were rainbow. We caught at least 100 lbs. of trout in 1 short afternoon, lost several more and had countless bites. It really was like and afternoon out of a dream. Today was by far the most trout I have ever caught in a single day. And a day that may never be replicated quite like this.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finesse Fingerling Trout- November 20th

Craig, Brad, & I drove up to the Gauley River to do some exploring/fishing. They stocked some brood trout there a month ago. The water was swift and rolling. I saw another half dozen fishermen up there and only one had a fish and it was only about a pound. We all managed to catch some wild stocked fingerling trout with a deadstick trout magnet approach or a smaller spinner. We caught about 10 wild brook and browns. Nothing more than about 6 inches. We got a descent idea of how to fish the place and what it's like. We had nice weather and had a good time. It won't be long now until the snow will be flying and fishing will slow to a halt for a while.

Monday, November 2, 2009

October 29th

I tried working a fluke up at bullfalls for a couple hours during the heat of the day. The water was perfect and up some. I lost one nicer fish and missed another one. I caught a little smallmouth off the pit bank with a lucky craft pointer jerkbait and a back snagged shad with a crankbait. It's just not been a good fall at all for fishing at all.