Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishin With Avery - July 27th

Avery and I went Bluegill fishing on Bluestone Lake around 10am. We fished for 2 hours. I would hook the fish and Avery would reel em in. We fished down near the dam. Avery had a snack, practiced driving the boat and even honked the horn a couple times.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bluestone Bluegills and the Cyrus Boys - June 22nd

Armed with 2 dozen worms, ultralight poles, and a flypole Dakota, Tucker and I started chasing bluegills around 8:30. We fished from the dam to the second cove. Then from the cliffs up to just below Bertha campground. The water temps were around the mid 70's and we had overcast skies with high humidity. The bluegill bite was average but not exceptional. Tucker had the hot hand catching 37 all on nightcrawlers and a bobber. Dakota caught 20, most of which were on my flypole with tandem yellow foam bugs. I caught 20 as well. Both boys caught 3 or so bass each, all smallies or spots. I caught one stray redeye. We wrapped up around 12;30 just as boat traffic was starting to really pick up. I forgot my camera on the charger. I did take some pictures with my phone but have yet to figure out how to download from my camera to the computer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Bluestone Bluegills - June 17th

Dad and I fished Bluestone from 9am till noon. We had a 2 and a half hour rain/lightning delay at daylight. We used only flypoles. I caught 42 fish and dad caught 35. Of my 42 fish four were bass and one was a redeye. A 10 inch smallie was the largest. Yellow foam bugs continued to be the most dominant fly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Over the Century Mark - July 13th

Brad and I left for Claytor Lake at 5:30am with the goal of fishing until we each caught 100 fish or darkness set in. We used fly poles with foam bugs and ultralights with worms. Nine hours and 2 sunburns later we did it. We fished all over the lake and caught fish everywhere we stopped. I ended up with 108 the largest being an 18 inch and 2.35lbs. smallmouth that I caught off of my 3 wt. fly pole, it was the largest bass I have ever caught on a flypole. Brad ended up 103. We used flypoles for the first 50 and then switched to ultralights with nightcrawlers. I also caught a yellow perch, my 1st of the year. We caught 20+ or so small bass mixed in our 211 fish as well. We used clicker counters to keep an accurate count and didn't count any fish that didn't make it in the boat. It was a good day, it got a little hot ~ 90 degrees later in the day, but we accomplished what we set out to do. Claytor is pretty lake.

Flypoles and Bluegills - July 12th

After work on Sunday evening Brad and I went up to Bluestone and flyfished for bluegills for 2 hours. I caught 30 and Brad caught 25. We used yellow foam bugs. I tied 2 in a row and tried to up my odds but never doubled up. We fished the weedbeds below Bertha campground and right above the cliffs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fast Action Bluegills - July 8th

Brad and I fished with nightcrawlers and ulralights for the first 2 hours at Bluestone. We caught more fish on the sunny side than the shady side for some reason. Once we ran out of bait we switched over to flypoles and continued to wear the fish out. Between 5 and 8:30 I landed 61 fish and Brad caught 51. We caught all bluegils except a half dozen small bass and a couple redeyes. The best flies seemed to be topwater foam ants in yellow or orange color. The bluegills really like the topwater around the grass. The lake was really busy and somewhat crowded for a week day, lots of pleasure boaters. I forgot my camera again so now pictures, although we didn't catch anythign remarkably big anyway.