Friday, November 28, 2008

November 27th "Thanksgiving Day"

Dad and I hunted the farm again from the Angel's side. I didn't see any deer and Dad saw one but had no shot due to distance and thickets. We both saw several squrriels. We hunted until 3:30 at the farm. From 4pm until dark I hunted below Brad's house and saw 2 does but got no shots.


Dad and I hunted our farm on Beech Run from the Angel's side. We hunted from daylight until 5pm. I saw 8 differnt deer, six of which were does and 2 that I couldn't tell. I saw several squrriels and a couple of fox squrriels. Dad saw 1 deer and didn't get a shot of at it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


In what had to be the most productive day of trout fishing I have ever experienced, Brad caught 11 rainbows 1 fallfish and I caught 19 rainbow trout. We caught our fish despite super low gin clear water conditions mostly on inline spinners. Brad did catch a couple on jigs and I caught a couple on Yo-Zuri Pinn's minnow. All but 2 of the 30 trout we caught were 17 inches or better with 5 or more over 20 inches. The smallest of the trout still had length of greater than 12 inhes. The 2 smaller fish were most likely holdovers from last spring. We caught 30 trout in less than 2 and a half hours of fishing. It was a super productive day.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Dad & I headed back to Little creek for some squrriel/fall turkey hunting. On the way up there in a field back this side of Haley's house we saw 2 nice bucks fighting in a field. We stopped an watched through binoculars but they got nervous and stopped shortly thereafter. I started out a Siang again. Almost immediately after starting to hunt I jumped a grouse that offered me no shot. I saw a big raccoon and killed 6 squrriels before 10am. The wind stayed down but it is still very dry and hard to sneak on anything. Dad turkey hunted below Steve's camp in the corner but had no luck. I


Dad and I headed up to Little Creek in Greenbrier county to squrriel hunt. It was a cold and windy morning. All the squrriel movement happend before 9am. I started out at Siang and hunted my way back to Steve's camp. I killed 6 grey squrriels and saw a chocolate colored 5-point. The weather was bad enought that Dad never made it out of camp. He drank coffee and talked to Steve all morning. I also hunted up to the high point and back to mouth of long run. I saw 10 to 12 squrriels total, but once the wind started up all movement stopped.


Brad and I waded below the damn for smallmouth. We fished spinners in extremely low water conditions. The water temps were below 65 so he had to wear chest waders. We fished pockets and channels picking up a fish here and there. All totaled Brad caught a dozen or so smallmouths and I caught 7 smallies, a fallfish, and a redeye.