Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mudcats and Turkey Talk - October 23rd, 2010

On opening day of fall turkey season Brad and I headed up to Bluestone lake. We fished and listened. Then listened some more. The bites was tough. We heard some turkeys and called back to them several times but they never would speak up again to where we could get them located and go after them. We did see several squrriels and four deer. Brad caught a mudcat and I caught 4 smallmouths. All of our fish came off of a jig-n-pig.  We fished and hunted from 7am till 12pm. I don't know were the large mouth have went to on bluestone lake.                                                                                                                                    

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Creek Greys - October 22nd, 2010

Dad and I went to little creek on a clear cold morning. I killed 6 while missing 1 by 9:30. On our way out we saw a man fishing from the Anthony Creek bridge. It was the same near def man we gave our squrriels to last year. We stopped and asked if he wanted some squrriels. He said, "I would love some". So again for the 2nd year in a row we gave him a fresh mess of squacks and off we went to Jim's drive in for lunch. A unique end to an fun day at one of my favorite places.

The Great Bear Sighting - October 19th, 2010

Dad and I hunted the Fair Chance Hunt Club at Pipestem, WV.  I saw 8  and killed 3 all greys before it got really windy at around 10am. I had Dad drop me off at the bottom hunting and exploring my way back to the top. I stopped on a bench half way to the top to take a rest for short while. While watching to greys I looked at the end of the bench and saw a huge black bear. At first I though it was somebody's escapee cow. He even stood up on his back feet and ate some grapes. The bear walked all the way across the bench to within 20 yards of me. I began to realize that it was on a path to walk right by me. I got scared and stood up. The bear saw me and took off.  It was the biggest bear I have every seen. I really must start carrying my camera with me in the woods. That bear would have made an awsome pic.

Little Creek Hunt Club Trip 1 - October 18th

Dad and I hunted little creek on a cool fall day. They were timbering Dad's lower wood lot. I killed 6 greys and Dad killed 4*. All greys. I saw some turkeys, although had they been in season I couldn't have gotten a shot off at them. I also heard some more turkeys. I saw some deer sign up high. I even saw some bear sign.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Just Gets Tough - October 13th, 2010

I  met up with Greg at 9am and we fished Bluestone till 3pm, catching only 5 and getting very few bites. I caught 1 and Greg caught 4. All the fish we caught were smallies except for one spot. We got very few bites. The conditons were ideal and we were the only bass boat working on the lake.

Opening Day - October 9th, 2010

 With Dad still recovering from pneumonia, Joe & I hunted at Pipestem on the first day of squrriels season. I killed 6 by 9:30 with the 870 (1 fox and 5 grey) on the left side of the fields below the cell tower. Joe spent his day hunting with a .22  trying to kill an all black fox squrriel he saw run into a den tree. He never did get a shot at it however. I saw no deer and Joe saw 8 does. The tucker boys were hunting on the end and had only killed one by 9am.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Buggs Isalnd Final Day 3 - October 4th

  All 3 boats spent he final day on Bluestone Creek and it was our best day. Greg and Todd Caught 16 before noon, We caught 25 fish by 3pm. Jason and JD caught 27 before they left to head home. The wind proved to be a real obstacle, but also made for some good fishing that afternoon by pushing shad in the lauch cove at Bluestone Creek. Brad caught a couple above average sized bass on rocky points and I caught my first walleye. We used jig-n pigs, spinnerbaits, and cranks. Every rocky wind blown point we came to we caught fish off of. It was a pretty fun day of fish. I just wish I had more days to fish before heading home. I will be back in the fall again.

Buggs Express Day 2 - October 3rd

  We spent this day struggling on Rudd's creek(although we did catch a few fish on rocky branch of Rudds) early and doing a little better back on Grassy Creek. I caught a chain pickeriel and lost a nice fish early on in the day. We ended up with 19 fish and many good sized keepers. Greg, Todd, JD, and Jason spent the whole day on Rudds and ended with 16 and 22 fish per boat.

Buggs Island Express Day 1 - October 2nd

  Brad and I arrived at Longwood launch ramp and go to fishing at about 11am. We had left Hinton at 5am. We only had 3 days to fish instead of a week and this was my first trip to Buggs in the fall. The water temps were in the mid 60's with air temps in the 50 to 60's. Instead of the usual 304 water levels we were at 296 but on the rise from heavy rains last week. Todd and Greg had went down a day earlier and caught some fish in Essex branch of Grassy Creek so thats were we headed off to. We caught 14 bass and lost at least 14 more. Most fish came off of shakey but a few off of a jig-n-pig. I lost 2 large fish, one broke me off and one got hung up in a tree. We also caught a few fish in Little Beaver creek. Greg and Todd fished Rudds creek and cautght over 20. While Jason and JD caught 15 off of Grassy Creek points with a late start.