Friday, July 25, 2008

JULY 18th

I took my gradad Craigo and Uncle Doug bluegill fishing on the bluestone. We fished from 5:30 till 8:00pm. THere was more boat activity than any day I could ever remeber before. Catching fish was extemely hard. They used worma and a bobber and I used a flypole. We each caught a dozen or so fish. All fish were smaller gills except a couple nicer sized ones and couple of small bass. It was the slowest bite I have ever seen on Bluestone to date. I don't know if it was slow due to pressure, heat, boat traffic, time of year or what. I do know it was tough fishing even for smallball fishing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

JUNE 14th

Dad and I bluegills fished from around 8:30 till around 11:30am. We tried bassfihsing first with no luck. Dad hooked and lost one nice bass but we landed zero despite our best efforts. We used nightcrawlers and bobbers mostly, however towards the end we used flypole. The flypole seemed to be the most fun and easest way to boat fish. I ended up with 35 and Dad caugtht 30 gills. We had at least a dozen really solid sized fish.