Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whale Rock Musky- August 12th, 2017

Today was a productive and eventful day on the New River. I landed a spotted bass, a largemouth bass and another citation smallmouth. Jared landed a musky to round out the New river full house just above whale rock. I threw flukes and only flukes all day on deep structure and any ledges I could find. Jared found success with the Ned rig. It was an a bit overcast and the fish bit good early then stopped then the bite came back around the from 11:00am to 1:00pm. My goal going into today was to upgrade my WVKA month long online best five fish limit. I was able to replace one 14.0" with a 20.25" and another 14.0" with a 15.5".

Miles floated = 6.5
Total Fish Caught = 29
Minutes per fish = 12.4
Biggest fish = 20.25"
Biggest five fish = 76.75"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Day 2 Deluxe Edition - August 5th, 2017

Some days things just go your way. Today was the 3rd WVKA tournament the Summers County Slam which is also the first ever official kayak bass tournament of the Hinton Water Festival. 60 anglers competed in this event which was open to the New river, Greenbrier river, and Bluestone lake.  Jared, Greg, Brandon and I floated from upper Shanklin's down to Cedar Branch. We fished from 6:30am to 1:30pm. We had to be back at weigh in at 3:30pm. I started off with three solid 14 inch fish. I needed a big fish to put myself into the hunt. At 8:49am it happened.  I landed a 20.75" fish in shallow water. This was the biggest smallmouth I have caught in over a year. And what a time to do it. I threw a fluke all day long same as all but one day in July. When all was said and done I won as an individual over Joe Farley, who is one of the best anglers I know, by 3 inches, Greg and I won first place two man team by 14.25", and my 20.75" small mouth won big fish. Altogether I won three plaques, a Water Festival Trophy, and $600. Today's event was the first time I have every put my new all black Coosa HD (Samuel L.) in the water. A heck of a way to break in a new kayak. After today Greg and I are in a strong  position to win West Virginia Kayak Anglers 2 Man Team of of the Year award with a 3rd place finish and two 1st place finishes through three tournaments. I should also be very much in the hunt for WVKA Angler of the year after an 8th place finish, a 2nd place finish, and a 1st place finish. To beat it all today was Aleshia's 40th birthday as well. A very special day that I will remember for a long time.

Miles floated = 6.5
Total fish caught = 25
Minutes per fish = 17.5"
Biggest fish = 20.75"
Biggest five fish = 77.75"
Place finished = 1st out of 60 anglers as an individual. And 1st out of 30 two man teams.

*My head to head tournament record since April is at 263-13 (95.06 win %).
Overall tournament record for 2017 including KBF National Championship is 554-79 (86 win %)